Builders Booksource in Berkeley’s 4th Street Neighborhood is a favorite of mine

by Ira Serkes on March 20, 2010

I receive lots of magazines every month, but when I want to relax, I generally read a book on design, architecture, mapping, or art deco. Whenever a book interests me, I get it for my library, and often months (or years) pass before I read them.
Most of these books came from Builders Booksource – 1817 4th Street in Berkeley or the late lamented Cody’s. Stop by and browse when you’re in Berkeley’s 4th Street Shopping Neighborhood. And while there, browse the other shops, and bring back some flowers.

4th Street Berkeley Flowers

Oh.. and the books I’ve read in the past few months?
“The Map As Art – Contemporary Artists Explore Cartography” Katharine Harmon
“How to Lie with Maps” Mark Monmonier

“Designing Modernity – The Arts of Reform and Persuasion  1885-1945” Wendy Kaplan.  This features work from my favorite design museum – The Wolfsonian in South Beach Miami.  I love the museum, though this book wasn’t a favorite

“The Presentation Secrets Of Steve Jobs” Carmine Gallo
“Gaudi x Gaudi”  (in Español, English & Deutsch) I read it in Spanish, then compared it to the English Translation.  Can’t wait to visit Barcelona!
“Art Deco Ironwork and Sculpture” S.F. “Jerry” Cook III and Tina Skinner (also not a favorite)
“The Art Deco House – Avante-Garde Houses of the 1920s and 1930s” Adrian Tinniswood
And some of the superb reference materials I used when Carol and I visited South Beach Miami for my 60th Birthday….
“South Beach Deco – Step By Step” Iris Chase
“Deco Delights – Preserving the Beauty and Joy of Miami Beach Architecture” Barbara Baer Capitman”
“The Making of Miami Beach: 1933-1941” Jean-François Lejeune and Allan T. Shulman
“Art Deco Architecture” Patricia Bayer – This is a superb book!

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